Saturday, December 25, 2010

Its About T-Max!!

It's just a short story which based from my real life.
By the way, A, N, L, S or something like that are the initial of my friends.
Its more looks like an interview. But its happening in my real life.

2009, 1 year before today.

Whats makes me love T-Max??
A : Nisa, why do you like T-Max?
Me : First, its because of Woo Bin. But then, I love Kim Joon more than Woo Bin.
A : So, its just because of Kim Joon?
Me : I know T-Max because of Kim Joon is one T-max's member. So I search much more things about T-Max. Now, I love Min Chul and Yun Hwa as well.
A : Min Chul?? Yun Hwa?? Who are they??
Me : The other member of T-Max. They're good and so funny. ^^

~ ~

Someone says about T-Max
N : Nisa, What are you watching??
Me : T-Max's videos.
N : T-Max?? I think I've heard that word before.
Me : Kim Joon's boysband.
N : Kim Joon?? You mean, Woo Bin.
Me : (nod my head)
N : Oo.... I see.....
Its just the same in Ystar Go!T-Max! Most of the people in my dormitory (I live in dormitory when I was in junior high school) know T-Max just when I say Kim Joon or Woo Bin.

~ ~

2010, July... At my Senior High School

Now, I'm at Brisbane (Australia). And the different respond happening here when I talk to my friends about T-Max. ..hmm.. Its much better than in my dormitory.
The scene is we were talking about korean drama. Then I start the topic about T-Max.
L : What do you think the best korean drama is??
Me : Boys Over Flower!! I love that drama, especially the soundtrack. Paradise. >.<
S : Yeah... I love that song too. And the other one which sings by T-Max also.
L : Fight The Bad Feeling??
S : Yeah!! That's it!!
K : T-Max? *thinking for a while* Ah, the one with Kim Joon as the member. And is it Min Chul or Yun Hwa the leader??
L : Min Chul. The leader is Min Chul.
S : But, do they have another songs? I just know those 2 songs. Nothing else.
Me : Yeah. I'll give all their songs to you tomorrow. ^.^
I feel happier here. Cause they know T-Max (all) not just Kim Joon.

~ ~

1 week later...
The scene is in the business class. Just me and S. Cause L and K are not taking a business class.
S : Nisa, I've heard all the T-Max songs.... I love Confess and Wae Geuraesseo (Min Chul) the most. >.< I love Min Chul's voice there...
Me : Those songs are good. Me, I love Lion Heart, Confess, and This Guy.
S : Ah... This Guy... (Sings a part of the song in a low volume) That song??
Me : Yeah... That one.
J : Korean stuff again??
J is my other friends who always act bored when I start talking about korean. But the fact is, she love korean as well. lol
Me : Yup, korean stuff.
J : Aren't you bored talking about all that things??
Me, S : Nope!
Congrats Min Chul oppa.... My friend love your voice... ^.^

~ ~

2010, December 20th

Remember this date?? Min Chul's birthday. When MightyMax were making jokes, asking Min Chul to tweet 'Salam Cenat Cenut'. And it become a trending topic for about 4-5 hours.
Me : (Laugh Out Loud)
Mum : What's the matter??
Me : Nothing mum... Just something happening at twitter
Mum : What??
Me : Do you know the Indonesian 'boysband', SM*SH??
Mum : Yeah, you showed me the Video Clip yesterday.
Me : Do you remember the part when they said Cenat Cenut?
Mum : Yeah.
Me : MightyMax were asking Min Chul to tweet 'Salam Cenat Cenut' at twitter, and he did it.
Mum : Min Chul?? Is he the leader of T-Max??
Me : Yup.
Mum : What a nice guy... Did whatever his fans ask.
Me : Yeah mum... He is nice and kind. ^.^
Congrats again Min Chul oppa... My mum says you're a nice guy... >.<

~ ~

3 days later. I call some of my friends just to say hello and chat a bit cause I miss them.
Me : G.... How are you??
G : Niiisaaaaa...... When will you come back to Indonesia?? I'm waiting for you....
Me : Just wait till T-Max come to Indonesia. Then I'll come back to Indonesia. ^.^
G : You still love T-Max??
Me : Of-course.. Why not??
G : Its one and a half year already since the first time you are in love with T-Max.
Me : Haha... Time is nothing... My love will never change.
G : Your words.... Soooooooo swweeeeeeettt.... LOL
Me : haha.... By the way, you never open your twitter again??
G : I just opened it a few days ago when your lovely Min Chul tweets 'Salam Cenat Cenut'.
Me : So you see that things??
G : Yeah, and you know what?? Most of my friends ask me, Who is Min Chul?? Why did he tweet that?? And when they know that Min Chul did the thing that his fans ask, they all said, Woow... Why is he so nice??
Me : Are you sure??
G : Yeah!! Believe me. I bet he will got more fans now.
Me : I think so.
Its just a part of my phone chat. I won't write all my chat in this short stories. ^.^

Now, T-Max become more famous. 1st because of Kim Joon as Woo Bin. 2nd because of Min Chul tweets 'Salam Cenat Cenut'. But still... the only reason why T-Max are famous is because of their quality n their voice.

The fact:

I asked my friends about the best song they heard in Boys Over Flower soundtrack. And the result I got is 1st → Paradise, 2nd → Stand By Me, 3rd → Fight The Bad Feeling.
Congrats T-Max... you got the 1st n 3rd place.

After 'Salam Cenat Cenut' become a trending topic at twitter, many people search for T-Max songs when they know that Min Chul is the one who starts to tweet 'Salam Cenat Cenut'.

Congrats T-Max!!
Go!! T-Max!!!