Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taemin (SHINee) Facts

  • "You must never forget to smile." -- Taemin
  • According to Taemin, Minho’s sleeping pyjamas is the cutest.
  • Taemin wants to date a noona because he wouldn’t know how to treat a younger girl.
  • Taemin wants to be more manly and wants to strip his dongseng image.
  • Taemin once asked "hyung do you know what love is?"
  • Taemin got drunk at their concert's after party
  • Taemin's hyung is called Lee Taesun
  • Onew Key and Taemin are roommates
  • Taemin thinks that a person who dreams for a long time becomes similar to their dreams
  • Taemin hates all kinds of bugs
  • Taemin doesnt usually pick up his phone
  • Taemin isnt the type to get mad easily
  • Apparently Onew likes to throw Taemin on the bed
  • Apparently there are lots of ghost in SM Entertainment. According to Onew, Taemin has seen alot
  • Jonghyun always ask Taemin to watch Toy Story.
  • All the members of SHINee using Blackberry phone except maknae Taemin, he not allowed to use Blackberry phone.
  • Taemin uses a Samsung Haptic Pop
  • If they had to pick a member as a girlfriend, Onew Jonghyun Minho and Taemin would all choose Key.
  • According to the other four, the most ignorant person is Taemin.
  • Minho’s first impression of Taemin was that he was cute like a brother.
  • When asked “Do you think you’re more handsome than Taemin?” Minho answered “No”.
  • Worst sleeping habits? Taemin picked Onew because Onew likes to run onto Taemin’s bed and gives him a scare
  • Taemin has a toy poodle named Eve. He got it on Xmas eve
  • Taemin would treat his girlfriends like a princess
  • Taemin often studies and does homework in the waiting room
  • Taemin is shy with people he doesn't know, but loud and crazy with people he's close with
  • When they don't have schedules, Taemin sleeps at around 2AM
  • When Taemin got home after getting extensions for Lucifer, Minho thought he looked really pretty
  • Taemin likes ghost stories, but he gets scared easily
  • A girl shouted "Lee Taemin pabo!" when he was going to school. Taemin thought it was cute.
  • Out of all the members, Taemin has seen the most ghosts
  • Taemin gets seasick easily
  • Onew frequently throws Taemin onto the bed
  • When Minho first saw Taemin, he thought Taemin was a hyung.
  • When taemin first saw Minho, he thought Minho was a foreigner
  • Taemin has the smallest feet. 250mm.
  • If he could live only eating one thing for the rest of his life, Taemin would choose Steak.
  • Onew will wake up early to make roast meat for Taemin
  • Taemin never forget to smile.
  • “Honestly, if I am a girl, the member from SHINee that I will definitely date is Taemin.” -- MinHo
  • "If I am a girl, I will choose to date Minho, because he is Flaming Charisma!" -- Taemin
  • Taemin Has been said that he is cute too many times, but “does not want others to say that I am cute”.
  • Taemin's Quote "Must never forget to smile"
  • Taemin's other Motto or catchphrase: " I don’t know anything "
  • Fan: Taeminah ~ you know everything. How does giraffes cry? Taemin: T_T Like this ?
  • Taemin likes holding hands, Key likes linking arms, Jonghyun likes resting his arm on shoulders.
  • Sometimes, Taemin and Jonghyun sleep on the same bed, and they let each other use their arms as pillows
  • Taemin called his mom and yelled “mommy! why are you ignoring my texts ?!!?!?!!”
  • Taemin knows how to play, and will play. A finger and a camera. that's his best friend.
  • Minho laughs loudest from all SHINee members, and Taemin is the quietest
  • Taemin likes pale-skinned girls
  • Minho thinks that Taemin is older than him when they met for the first time.
  • Key, Minho and Taemin are all blood type B.
  • Taemin thinks that Minho can not hide his feeling and shows it on his face.
  • Taemin works on his singing even affter finishing his schedule at dawn.
  • Taemin likes horror movies.
  • Taemin prefer to be called as "cool" than "cute.
  • Taemin thinks that if two people love each other age doesn’t matter.
  • Taemin becomes tensed when he sees talented younger newbies.
  • Taemin promise to be more mature at future..
  • Onew, Jonghyun and Minho ever discussed about how if Key and Taemin are girls.
  • The only one who's allowed to call Key as Umma is Taemin.
  • For Taemin, Minho is his teacher.
  • Before sleep Taemin will think about what he has done.
  • Taemin usually makes Key angry.
  • Taemin prefers lucifer to hello
  • In middle school, Taemin's friends walked him back home like bodyguards.
  • Taemin is quick-witted according to Onew.
  • If Jonghyun could have one characteristic of the other SHINee members, it would be Taemin's small feet.
  • All the SHINee members think that Taemin has the biggest appetite.


  1. i love u shinee

  2. Thabnks for sharing!

  3. 5# is it really really true that Taemin got drunk? Is it any proof?

  4. There's no proof that Taemin got drunk. They'd had practiced a lot that day, and so Taemin just took a nap. It's annoying how you people said that he got drunk when you have absolutely no proof. Really.


  6. You made me love love taemin much much more now! ^~^

  7. Btw, it's taemin's 18th birthday today!!~

  8. I wonder how many of these r actually true & how many r just based off a rumor or something .. but thankYou, I loved this anyway ! Taemin♥ (:

  9. i wonder if when taemin fall inlove? ;3

  10. OMG! :O My parents said that i have the most appetite, and then once when i was on a bus going to another school to play sport after school, i send a text to my mum but she didnt reply and the i worte
    Mummy!!! Why are you ignoring me???:'(
    I also LOVE horror movies but when i watch it, i get scared easily and once i saw a ghost in our school toilet, my bedroom's mirror,school locker. By the way just telling you, the day i saw a ghost in my toilet, that day, i lost my hat and then the next day i saw the ghost in my school toilet and then i found my hat..... I am not joking srsly and i am 13 yr old! :)

  11. Taemin is soo cool^_^hehe
    Actually Taemin reminds me of myself... (if these are true) :) ^_^

  12. TaeMinnie oppa, you are so irresistible. With your dancing skills and beautiful smile, you brighten my world day by day. I can't express how much i love you. I hope to meet you someday, please come to California!You are still our little Baby Taeminnie. Saranghae TaeMinnie Oppa. <3